Lucy Li : Yo Play

I know what your thinking, not another fucking Lucy Li update. Can’t help it she’s so dam hot, I’ll just about post anything of hers. Lucy Li Delicious Salad was one of the biggest flops I’ve ever posted with people shunning it and choosing to look at other things, not 1 share. But who wouldn’t want to see a hot chick make a salad?
Anyway I feel I may have another flop on my hands with this one, but I’m posting it anyway. This video we see Lucy eating yogurt, no not joking. Lucy eats some yogurt rubs it around her nipples a bit and that’s it. But you do see her nipples and those perfect all natural boobs, what more do you want? There is a suprie at the end so make sure you watch right through, I’ll say no more.
Stay tuned for the next Lucy Li update where she reads verses from the bible, OK now I’m joking but not about more updates of her.

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