Nadia Ali : Fucks Her Neighbor

Kinda pride myself on posting all kind of different content on this site, and this movie is no exception. Nadia Ali is a 24 year old (July 22, 1991) 32D porn star from Libya. In this movie Nadia who I take is a Muslim due to her wearing a berka or head scarf. I’m not sure if she is really or not but a quick Wikipedia search did reveal that the most common religion in Libya was Muslim. Anyway she’s new to the neighborhood and is going from door to door introducing herself to her new neighbors. She knocks on Jamal’s door waking him up, of course he doesn’t realize his huge cock is hanging out when he answers the door.¬† He apologizes and invites Nadia in, she decides she wants¬† to slut drop him right there in the foyer and begins sucking his monster dick. I have to say Nadia can handle a big penis well, no gagging or any sign of pain and she rides that thing loving every inch. Under that berka Nadia has quite a nice set of boobs, and an OK body to match with a clean shaven pussy. Thoroughly enjoyed this movie, good length and something different to get your rocks off over.

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